Why Blog?

Because blogging is available to practically anyone, reasons for blogging can be very widespread. For the confused, heart-broken teenager perhaps it ‘s a way to publicly share your feelings. For the angry peace core protestor it’s a way to shout your message to anyone who wants to read it it. For me and many other aspiring Journalists it’s a start. You are your own publisher and each blog you post is a new piece of work for someone to read. The internet is quickly taking over the world and employers are looking for people who really know how to use it. Blog to show future employers your ideas, your desire to keep updated with current information, your writing ability. It’s a way to talk about things you care about. Have your opinion out there. I’ve had my blog for the grand total of three weeks and I’m pretty sure Professor Wheatley is the only person who reads my work, but, as I move into a career in Journalism who knows who could end up following me. It’s a way to start a community of people with the same interests as you or who like your work. It’s a way to get feedback on your writing and register other peoples ideas. You can add pictures and videos to your work, even style up your blog page. With the right information and style a blog can be a professional tool to showcase your work, share your ideas and show people you are serious.


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