Informational Interview Question

1)Where did you go to school?

2)What was your degree in?

3)Did you have a lot of experience in radio by the time you finished your degree?

4) What has been one of your favourite things about working in radio?

5) What has been one of the worst things about working in radio?

6)How old were you when you got a job in an area of radio you wanted to be in?

7)What qualifications/experience did you have at this time?

8) What is one of the most valuable things you have learned in your career?

9) When you first started out in radio what kind of salary did you have?

10) Did you always want to be in Radio?

11) What other career paths did you look into?

12) Why radio?

13) What are some of the things you do on a daily basis?

14) What other places if any have you worked in?

15) What type of position should I be looking at when applying for a job?

16) Should I try an intern with a company/station before applying for a job?

17) What is impressive on a resume in this field of work?

18) A lot of talk about “dying radio” is it the wrong field to be heading towards?

19) What qualities do you think radio presenters absolutely need?

20) Do you think being from a different country would hinder someone’s chances of getting into American radio?

21) Is having a masters degree a great advantage over someone without one?

22) Have you interviewed people for positions at a station?

23) What impressed you about candidates?

24) What was something that put you off candidates?

25)How much experience do candidates with only a few years out of college have?

26) Is radio what you thought it would be before you really got in to it?

27)What surprised you when you first started out?

28) Do you prefer working alone or with other people in the studio?

29) How many hours do you work a day?

30) What types of things does your day consist of?


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