Use of Crowdsourcing

The article I have chosen is a report on the London tube strikes from the BBC.

Fits the categories because?

-It is a report that’s main source is through crowdsourcing – it is a prime example and is from 2010 showing crowdsourcing has actually been around for a few years.

What can student journalists and future media creators take away from this?

-Can be really useful, I was apprehensive about “anyone” being able to be a journalist, why am I in college, but this is a great example.

-The source is from all over London, there would be no other way to get this sort of information.  

-Crowdsourcing can be used for all types of media.

What did news outlet do right?

-Highlighted which information was from BBC journalists and which was from other sources.

-Different categories from different modes of transport.

-Pics, videos, reports

-Tweet info to report

Do Wrong?    

How to submit info, sites details were small, should be large so when someone first looks at the page they think/know how to submit info.

Changing the game?  

Especially with mobiles you can now get this info while you are out, tube lines open and close during strikes, travelling is a nightmare, this type of reporting is so useful.

-Instead of employing people to go see what is going on they have a live twitter feed with images, info and videos coming in.

Cool about this example?

Old example

-One of the most effective types of crowdsourcing. If the tube is closed it’s closed.

-Not opinion based.


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