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Gerd Ludwig, an internationally re-known photograph journalist, has covered the Chernobyl accident aftermath for years. He recently issued a gallery of images named “The shadow of Chernobyl” on “The Big Picture.” It shows the devastating effects the incident had on the surrounding buildings, environment and people. The collection of images initially interested me because they were so unique: you see a paint splattered room and collection of men in masks. As I scrolled through the images the light hearted “artistic” room disappeared. The photos turned from pictures of run-down buildings, left personal items and a desolate town into a horrific reality. Victims struggled to survive with severe cancer and deformities. A severely disabled child sits in a mental hospital, abandoned by his parents. The Chernobyl disaster is not recent news but the damage is still gravely visible on the faces of those suffering.

This style of journalism, photojournalism, is a really effective way to get this story across. I saw this article and thought about it most of the day. The photos are so graphic I found it very interesting and upsetting. The photographer put his life at great risk to take these pictures: the area still has an enormous amount of radiation. His compassion to tell these peoples story is really admirable.


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