From Dark Room To Digital

The most recent task we have been assigned in class was the photo slideshow with an interview over it. It was something I hadn’t really seen before and so seeing Johnny Andrew’s material like this really stood out to me. He worked with photo and video together, and combined the two types of journalism we have learned through the textbook into one piece.  I thought it was a really effective way to tell a story.

Be creative. Do it with passion. Improvise. These were some of the key points I took from Johnny. Textbooks don’t usually inspire, but through the images and videos Johnny captured and composed I really got a sense of desire to do the same. The compositions were unbelievable and it opens your eyes to other kinds of Journalism. It was clear to see he even had fun/ expressed creativity in more simple photographs. The mail women with the police dog and the flying letters. His creativity made for a really great photo.

He also talked about how he got started. He illustrated the change in the industry: a point mirrored in our textbook. When he started out he sent out portfolios to 12 different companies, there were multiple responses which resulted in two job offers. He highlighted that today this most likely wouldn’t happen.

He emphasized that we need experience. “Don’t make everything a huge project.” This was another piece of useful advice. Practicing different types of shots, his example was attaching a camera to a skateboard, will help you grow. It will show potential employers your ideas and what you can do. When I think of doing things to get experience and/or learn, I am usually bogged down with the idea it had to be something big. It was useful to hear someone with experience in the field say sometimes the smaller things, like practicing shots, will go a long way.

I have never really been into photography. In the text book it doesn’t go into as specific detail about actually taking photos as Johnny did. I liked finding out how in some photos he has had to go back to reposition things in the shots for 25 minutes. It takes time and work to get the right shot, or one that you are happy with.

My favorite photos were the street ones. He talked about different kinds of journalistic photos: documentary, street, sports. He said he dabbles in them all. The street photos, to me, had so much character in them. They were really unique images and they were the photos that most stood out to me. It made me realize, with regards to filming and photography, it’s an area I would be more interested in. I preferred the more real/ raw look of these photos. I didn’t like the modeling photos as much.

“It’s a ticket or passport to meet people you would never meet.” Meeting people and finding out things I would have never otherwise known is really what got me interested in Journalism. I like the idea of your camera/ job or story being this ticket.



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