Content Review 2

One thing unexpected in the second half of this semester was actually getting out and filming, recording, taking pictures, and editing our work to create stories for the web. When I started the class “writing for converged media” I thought I would spend countless hours just writing. I was pleasantly surprised.

I found listening to Johnny Andrews really inspiring. Perhaps it was his unreal video and photographic journalism pieces. Perhaps it was the enthusiasm and love he had for his work. I literally left the talk wanting to go out and make something. We learned how he went about getting into his career and what we should be doing to work towards ours. Experience and passion were two key things.

This new found inspiration was paralleled with what we covered in the second half of the semester. We looked at different types of shots to make footage interesting and to convey a certain message. We looked at different types of stories and which was the best type of media that should be used to cover them.
The most challenging thing for me was creating a story entirely from quotes received through sources. It really tested your interview skills. Alan and I felt like we had to ask every question in the book to get a response useful to edit to compile a story.

Another thing I learned, and should continue to practice, is putting sound behind photography. It’s not complicated to add the sound but making your photos match the audio is another story. I enjoy getting the audio and speaking to sources, I also liked taking the photographs. Learning to combine them is something I think will come with more practice.

We also learned to use a new type of software. We edited on adobe premiere when I am used to using avid, learning something new was useful because I know not every company will use the same programs.

With regards to taking the photos there was a lot of useful information in the textbook. We learned that good photography requires different aspects. For example, time. Having time to go out to shoot is important. Leading back to Johnny Andrews, the textbook and class discussion really tied in with his presentation. Through him we learned the more we shoot, even smaller projects, the better we will become. His photographs were like evidence.

We also learned that the digital age requires journalists to know more about everything. As a journalist I have to be able to shoot, edit write, upload, to an extent program, and use internet effectively.

Throughout the course we have learned various types of journalism. Another kind we visited recently was database journalism. We learned how journalists use this type of journalism to construct specific types of news. We were shown an example through the Chicago murder victim site.

I preferred the second half of the semester because I really enjoy interviewing, and creating something with the information. The first half I did learn to use tools I was unfamiliar with that are now being essential in journalism. Twitter and blogging are just two examples!


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