Tweeting Experience

Sat at the back of the Scheidegger theatre with a camera, tripod and a boom micro phone I was already focused on getting footage of the show. I chose the pageant as my twitter feed assignment also: this was more complex than it looked. The i-phone was choosing words for me, I hear it’s called auto correct, and the show was happening so fast I wasn’t sure what to tweet. Things started off difficult but after a short while I got the hang of it.

One thing I learned from the experience was if I tweet a show again, I should have a program in front of me. Names were announced so quickly I couldn’t remember all the names, and wasn’t sure how to spell them. A program would have made my job a little easier.

Initially I really didn’t like tweeting. Not the actual physical aspect of tweeting but the feeling of using a cell phone in the theater. I felt like I was breaking some sort of theater code. I guess the rules will have to bend now technology is combining with journalism and creating more and more distribution methods.

One thing I think I could work on in this area is to create more exciting tweets. If someone is just reading a twitter feed I think the messages need to be a little creative than mine to hold their attention. I think for a first attempt though it was ok. I tried to message the important points that were happening and set the scene a little for readers.


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