Shark Attacks in Australia

Shark attacks: one of my biggest fears. That’s why when I stumbled across a news video on the BBC website I chose it as my blog this week. There is a beach in Sydney, Australia, that 3 people have been killed this year by a shark. It is triple it’s normal annual attack number and so has residents and the government concerned. Great white sharks are usually a protected species, but the government has okayed the capture of this dangerous animal.

            It has marine biologists and environment activists rallied because they say there isn’t a great concern for safety and it is almost impossible to determine which shark made the killings.

            Like a majority of people I prefer video and photographic journalism because it is more interesting. The BBC included a lot of video of the area, boats looking for the shark and interviews.

            My side in the controversy surprised me. I have had Selachophobia, fear of sharks, since I was very young, but I still think killing this shark is pointless. For one, which shark, for certain, is it? And two, if someone swims in shark infested waters, they have to take responsibility for themselves. It’s not the sharks fault.


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