Silently Connected

The digital Age. More and more people rely on technology every minute of the day: Sherry Turkle, of the new York times, wrote and interesting article concerning this phenomenon. The idea that “people are comforted by being in touch with a lot of people — carefully kept at bay” is shown throughout the article.

It was interesting to stop and think how true a lot of the, overlooked, conclusions were. People literally walk around with their headphones in and phones out oblivious to the world but “silently connected to it.” They are connected to a large online community.

Turkle pointed out that some people are connected to multiple people while having a single one on one conversation. The idea that people can talk and text, without looking at their phone, was highlighted. People are now so second hand at technology they can multi task their physical and virtual conversations. I’m not yet that skilled.

It was a really interesting article and is something that is a hot topic in news today. People are always wandering where technology is headed, what it does to the community and how it affects us. This article outlines a lot of these points. Technology connects us but at a distance. 


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