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It’s been 100 years since the HMS titanic’s disastrous voyage. The Boston journal covered this event in it’s “The Big Picture” section of its website. Through 51 pictures, old and new, they showcase the luxurious ship, the iceberg believed to have caused the damage that sunk the ship, the people that survived, the building of the ship, what the wreck looks like now on the ocean floor and artefacts recovered from the wreck.

The old black and white photos are unbelievable. The pictures of the ship leaving the dock, the dining rooms, and the amount of men that worked on building it really show how massive the ship was. 1’517 people lost their lives on April 15th 1912 and this gallery really shows the impact of the event.

It was also interesting to me to see differences between back then and now. One picture in particular shows The New York Times news room. There wasn’t a single women in there. The photo, in context, shows how insane the newsroom was at the time trying to get coverage of the ships sinking. But to me, what stood out most the lack of women. It showcased how different the relationship with women in society was in comparison to today.


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